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Mooresville Metropolitan <br />Police Department <br />Board of Police Commissioners <br />Larry Bryant <br />Brian Wiser <br />Fred Settle <br />MOORESVILLE POLICE COMMISSION MINUTES <br />These are the Minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Mooresville Police Commission <br />held at the Mooresville Police Department on January 19, 2017. <br />MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />Call to order at 6:00 PM. <br />Larry Bryant, Fred Settle <br />Chief Allen, Charles Braun and Amanda Carrell <br />Fred Settle made a motion to accept the meeting minutes from November and December of <br />2016. Larry Bryant seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Chief Allen updated the Police Commission on the status of the hiring process. <br />Chief Allen updated the Police Commission on the status of the new police department building. <br />Chief Allen presented the Police Commission with SOP 14.00 and the changes that he would like <br />made. Fred Settle made a motion to accept the changes as proposed for SOP 14.00. Larry Bryant <br />seconded the motion. Some discussion was made. Motion passed unanimously. <br />Chief Allen advised the Police Commission that the department received the grant from the <br />federal government regarding the bullet proof vests. Chief Allen also advised the Police <br />Commission on the status of some of the equipment and what needed to be replaced. <br />Police Commission Attorney Charles Braun spoke briefly about the oath of office when the <br />Police Commission receives a new commissioner vs. when the Police Commission has a <br />commissioner selected for another term. <br />The next meeting will be held on March 16, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the Mooresville Police <br />Department. <br />