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January 2, 2024 <br />The Mooresville Town Council met in regular session on Tuesday, January 2, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at the <br />Mooresville Government Center. <br />Council members present were Council President Tom Warthen, Councilman Greg Swinney, Councilman <br />Jeff Cook, Councilman Josh Brown, and Councilman Kirk Witt. Town Attorney Chou-il Lee was also in <br />attendance. <br />Council President Warthen gave the invocation and called the meeting to order <br />Councilman Brown motioned to approve the December 19, 2023, meeting minutes and seconded by <br />Councilman Swinney. Motion carried 4-0-1. Councilman Witt abstained. <br />Reorganization - <br />During the reorganization of the Town Council, Councilman Warthen expressed his desire to step down <br />from the position of Town Council President. Councilman Swinney made a motion with a second by <br />Councilman Brown to appoint Councilman Cook as President. Motion carried 4-1. Councilman Cook <br />opposed the nomination and declined the position. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Swinney with a second by Councilman Brown to nominate Councilman <br />Warthen as Council President. Motion carried 4-1. Councilman Cook opposed. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Witt with a second by Councilman Brown to appoint Greg Swinney as <br />Vice President. Motion carried 4-1. Councilman Cook opposed. <br />,Unfinished Business - <br />During a discussion on air packs, Attorney Lee mentioned that he conducted research and found that there <br />are masks causing allergic reactions. <br />Chief Dalton suggested sticking with the current MES Scott brand without the Bluetooth feature the <br />department already uses. Currently, the department does not have Bluetooth in their air masks, and the <br />chief believed its removal would not cause any problems. The other company has acknowledged they are <br />experiencing allergic reactions related to latex. The MES Scott option costs $322,370 with a lifetime <br />warranty. This purchase may require an additional appropriation from the LOIT fund. <br />QUOTES <br />Donley Safety $274,281.60 <br />MES $322,370.00 <br />Councilman Brown motioned to proceed with MES, seconded by Councilman Swinney. Motion Carried 5- <br />0. <br />New Business - <br />The Town currently has an open position for the Superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. <br />During the executive session, the council discussed this position and spoke with acting superintendent <br />Calvin Boultbee. <br />It was proposed to promote Clavin Boultbee from the acting superintendent role to the position of <br />Wastewater Treatment Superintendent. Councilman Brown motioned to appoint Calvin Boultbee to the <br />superintendent with a second by Councilman Swinney. Motion carried 5-0. <br />Department Head Reports - <br />Calvin Boultbee, Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment, provided an update on the outfall. The <br />contractor is awaiting the delivery of a part to repair their equipment to finish cleaning Outfall 001. <br />Dianna Wamsley, Clerk -Treasurer, provided an update on replacing audio -video equipment in the meeting <br />room. She mentioned that the committee members (Debbie Monts and Tammy VanHook) are satisfied <br />that they received comparable quotes. She said they would return at the next meeting to request the <br />council's decision. <br />