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The Minutes of the Mooresville Metropolitan <br /> Police Department Police Commission Meeting <br /> January 19, 2012 <br /> The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Bryant welcomed <br /> everyone to the meeting. Present were Commissioners Bryant, Kays, Fitzpatrick, Police <br /> Chief Timothy Viles and Town Attorney Tim Currens. <br /> Statistics — Year End for 200 <br /> Incident Reports 3022 <br /> Arrest Reports 1607 <br /> Traffic Citations 1201 <br /> Traffic Warnings 902 <br /> Accidents 306 (one of which was a fatality) <br /> Old.Business <br /> Chief Viles wanted to advise the Commission that once the budget has been passed for <br /> 2012, he would like to look into hiring additional reserve officers if the funding is <br /> available and he would keep the Commission updated on the status. <br /> Chief Viles updated the Commission on the status of Probationary Officer Daniel <br /> Brinson, stating that he is currently off YFO and assigned to late shift. <br /> Chief Viles updated the Commission on the recent shift bids and stated that no changes <br /> were made. <br /> Chief Viles advised that Commission that Officer Schultz requested and was granted <br /> permission to move out of county. Chief Viles stated that Officer Schultz's police car is <br /> being parked at the department for his use on duty. <br /> The Police Commission reviewed SOP 9.o and after some discussion, Commissioner <br /> Fitzpatrick asked the other two Commissioners if they could review the policy some <br /> more before making a decision to approve it. Both Commissioner Kays and Bryant <br /> agreed. Therefore SOP 9.o was taken under advisement until the next meeting. <br /> New Business <br /> Commissioner Bryant welcomed newly appointed Commissioner Fitzpatrick to his first <br /> meeting. <br />