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Mooresville Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners <br /> Police Department Sue Kays <br /> Larry Bryant <br /> Timothy C.Viles Steve Fitzpatrick <br /> Chief of Police <br /> MOORESVILLE POLICE COMMISSION MINUTES <br /> These are the Minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Mooresville Police <br /> Commission held at the Mooresville Town Hall on February 28, 2014. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Sue Kays, Steve Fitzpatrick <br /> ALSO PRESENT: Captain Richard Allen, Town, Attorney Tim Currens, <br /> MPD Lt. Mark Harris, Town Board Member George <br /> Watkins, Town Board Member Virginia Perry, Town <br /> Board Member/MPD Patrol Officer Jeff M Cook, Town <br /> Clerk/Treasurer Sandy Perry <br /> is <br /> (' The meeting was called to order at 3:08 PM. <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was given. <br /> Sue Kays asked Steve Fitzpatrick if he wanted to start the meeting since the meeting was being <br /> held at his request. <br /> Steve Fitzpatrick welcomed everyone to the meeting and he appreciated the short notice. Steve <br /> Fitzpatrick stated that a big part of the short notice was that he was going out of town for ten <br /> days and that.heā€¢had some issues that he felt were urgent enough that he wanted to address <br /> before the next regular scheduled meeting on the 20th. Steve Fitzpatrick stated that he wished <br /> Chief Viles and Commissioner Bryant were here but both are not, Steve Fitzpatrick stated that he <br /> would go ahead and move forward with the issues. Steve Fitzpatrick stated that he assumed <br /> Captain Allen was the current acting chief. Captain Allen stated that in the absence of the Chief <br /> is the acting Chief. <br /> Steve Fitzpatrick stated that all comments and motions are being made towards Chief Viles as <br /> well as Captain Allen. Steve Fitzpatrick requested that Captain Allen have Chief Viles listen to <br /> the audio of this meeting, receive a copy of the minutes and that he is thoroughly clear on all the <br /> items that are brought up in this meeting. Captain Allen stated that he would. <br /> Steve Fitzpatrick stated that the first primary thing is that since the meeting on the 20th, it has <br /> ( been a flurry. Apparently I brought up a lot of issues and it has sparked a lot of conversations, <br /> primarily folks with the police department. Steve Fitzpatrick stated that it has been a flurry of <br />